SIMMONS: Sequester cuts could present opportunities

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But don’t blame steadfast fiscal conservatives, who asked liberals to not bust open the piggybank and then urged them to stem the bleeding; and don’t blame liberals, who believe Chicago has a crime problem that can be solved only with federal intervention. And, oh, remember, these are the same liberals who think a single mom hasn’t a clue about carrying, birthing or raising a child unless government strings are attached.

The looming spending cuts, which largely leave entitlements untouched, kicked in because Washington’s leaders failed to, well, lead and compromise. So both sides have what they want: pending cuts to crucial government services.

Well, the hard work now falls to state and local governments.

Perhaps localities like Hammond will think about working more closely with its neighbors and the state when it comes to purchasing dollars.

Or maybe, just maybe, farmers in Iowa will partner with their agricultural counterparts and explain to Washington the public-health risk of severely downsizing safety inspections at the nation’s food facilities.

Perhaps now we can return to those days when taxpayers in the states and localities really and truly have their say, telling their elected leaders to be responsible caretakers of their wallets or else.

Washington has opened wide the door.

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