- The Washington Times - Monday, March 4, 2013


The editorial “A doctor’s health care prescription” (Feb. 25) praises Dr. Benjamin Carson for his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast because he “challenged political correctness, demanded a better educational system, urged enactment of a flat tax and made a case for health savings accounts … which would replace Obamacare.”

Dr. Carson grew up in Detroit in a poor, single-parent family in a tough neighborhood. The chances of him getting a decent education — let alone his chances of becoming a world-famous surgeon who could effectively challenge President Obama’s onerous policies – were razor-thin. The reason Dr. Carson has achieved such status is his mother motivated him, making him read books and write book reports when he was a youngster.

Contrast his educational motivation with Sen. Rand Paul’s proposed solution of competition for our current malfunctioning educational system (“Why an education system to leave everyone behind?” Commentary, Feb. 22). Competition will help, but the only effective long-term solution is motivation from parents.

The best way to generate the educational motivation necessary for children and avoid social pathologies is for children to grow up in stable, two-parent families. Unfortunately, traditional families are being undermined by Mr. Obama’s unrelenting financial support of Planned Parenthood, which condones sex at an early age, resulting in so many single-parent families. These parents are generally unable to provide sufficient educational motivation for children.


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