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“The Good Cop” (Minotaur), by Brad Parks

In Brad Parks‘ “The Good Cop,” newspaper reporter Carter Ross learns of a policeman’s death and his interview with the widow only raises more questions.

When Ross learns the policeman committed suicide and the story has been pulled, he can’t get the case out of his mind. Why would someone who loved his job and his family suddenly end his life? Against the wishes of his editors, he begins to search for answers.

“The Good Cop” is told in first person, and the smart-aleck style adds a level of humor that is quite refreshing. A subplot involving gunrunning seems a bit out of place, but ties together quite nicely at the final reveal.

Ross has to prove the cop didn’t kill himself even as the widow begins to distrust him and his usual sources for information dry up. Obviously, someone doesn’t want him to uncover the truth, and his determination to pursue justice puts his life in jeopardy.

Parks‘ laid-back narration and appealing protagonist add up to a great lighthearted read. Though it’s the fourth Carter Ross book, newcomers won’t feel lost.

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