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No. 6: The American Civil Liberties Union will seek equal treatment for a non-R&B song by Pitbull.

No. 5: Jerry Seinfeld will push a government-funded Hebrew translation to the lyrics of “Ignition.”

No. 4: Activists will petition the White House and Congress to change the Fourth of July to Juneteenth.

No. 3: Geico’s gecko sings “Ignition” at the Super Bowl.

No. 2: Black singer/writer/producer George “Paint the White House Black” Clinton sues the White House and

Mr. Kelly claiming violation of due process.

No. 1: U.S. Olympians who win gold aren’t allowed to bounce, bump or grind during medal ceremonies.
Silly, isn’t it?

And that’s precisely the point.

“Ignition,” penned in 2003, is just a song to which most people do not know the words, and, oh, so many more have never heard of — a far cry from Mr. Kelly’s rendition of the inspirational “I Believe I Can Fly.”

Indeed, more people remember the vile charges against R. Kelly (raps he later beat) than the titles of his songs.

Americans recognize “The Star Spangled Banner” as our song, whether we know all the words or can hit the high notes or not.

It isn’t groovy, but it’s our anthem and we should stick with it.

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