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“They’re sending people in to draw the physicians and staff into making statements that make them look bad,” he said. “Most Americans believe it’s up to women to make those kinds of decisions” about abortion. “Their treatment of [clinic] patients is abusive. It’s none of their business.”

At the rally, which drew fewer than 100 people, nurse Jill Stanek recalled how 14 years ago, she told Illinois lawmakers — including then-state Sen. Barack Obama — about babies from botched abortions being left to die on trays and in utility rooms in a Chicago hospital. She cradled one post-abortion baby for 45 minutes before it died.

“Nothing is changed,” Ms. Stanek said. “People are saying Kermit Gosnell — the heinous abortionist in Philadelphia — was an outlier. But I am here to tell you he was not an outlier.”

“This is what they do every day for profit — this is not the exception, it’s the rule,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life in America.

She cited her own “undercover” experience in 2008, when she went to a New Jersey abortion clinic to ask what would happen to her 22-week unborn child in an abortion.

“The nurse just simply said, ‘Well, he’s too big for the normal procedure, so we’re going to just birth him and then let him die. He won’t survive,’” Ms. Hawkins said.