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“It’s not something that anybody has tried to get us involved in” either on the administration’s behalf or from whistleblower lawyers, the official said.

Mrs. Toensing did not responded to multiple requests for comment.

It was not clear whether the State and CIA officials to whom Mrs. Toensing drew attention in the Fox report were among survivors of the Benghazi attack. Some of the survivors reportedly received treatment — even recently — at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for injuries sustained in the attack.

In a March 1 letter to Mr. Kerry, Republican Reps. Frank R. Wolf of Virginia and Jim Gerlach of Pennsylvania said that an unidentified but “reliable source” informed them that “as many as 30 Americans (including State Department and CIA personnel and government contractors) may have been injured in the attack.”

Regarding reports that Mr. Kerry had made a secret visit to one of the survivors at the hospital in Bethesda, Mr. Wolf said that “if somebody’s still being treated six months after the attack, I think the American people need to have the truth.”

In a statement Tuesday evening, Mr. Wolf said Mr. Kerry’s office never responded to his March 1 letter.

“It is clear that the administration just wants the issue of Benghazi to go away,” he said. “But I sincerely hope that Congress will not aid this White House cover up of the mistakes made by high-level members of the administration that cost four brave Americans their lives.”

Mr. Wolf also said 134 House Republicans “have stood up to this cover-up” by co-sponsoring a bill he introduced months ago to create a select committee to deepen investigations about Benghazi by several congressional committees.

“Just one week has passed since the release of the interim progress report on Benghazi by the five committees currently investigating the attack, and already 14 more members of Congress have signed on” to the bill calling for the creation of a separate, select committee, he said.

Obama unaware of report

The president said Tuesday that he was unaware of any allegations of intimidation made by Benghazi whistleblowers.

“I’m not familiar with this notion that anybody’s been blocked from testifying,” Mr. Obama said in response to a question during a news conference in the White House briefing room. “What I’ll do is find out what exactly you’re referring to.”

The White House initially said the attack in Benghazi was likely spontaneous and sparked by demonstrations in other Middle Eastern cities against an amateur anti-Muslim YouTube video, which was produced by a U.S.-based Egyptian Christian.

Administration officials later characterized the attacks as an organized terrorist assault.

Mr. Graham, meanwhile, argued that the administration’s handling of the Benghazi attack was just the start of a pattern of bad management that also can be seen in the aftermath of the Boston bombings.

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