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That trick not only leads the dragons away from him, or on a path to cause chaos, but it works especially well at any Omega bases unprotected by a Megashield.

After getting the girl, killing the bad guy and saving the world, a player will consider Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon a humorous overload of retro entertainment for only $15. Its success should lead to plenty more downloadable adventures to continue the inspired crusade of Sgt. Rex.

Parental advice: The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), after watching a Blood Dragon devour Omega soldiers whole and watching Sgt. Rex flip off an enemy after slitting its throat, decided to label this game “M” and that stands for mature — adults 17 years and older need only enter the Wayback Machine to try Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. So don’t let your 14–year-old convince you that “I’m just terminating a bunch of blue-blooded robots, and I’m the Six Million Dollar Man.” It’s loaded with gratuitous violence dished out by a cybernetic tough guy that revels in every kill.