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“It’s profoundly disappointing to us that a former executive in our firm sought to undermine our business,” said Brian J. Berry, chief creative officer for the Elsass firm.

“Such actions only help the Democrats since we are a ‘tip of the spear’ firm electing more Republicans to Congress than any other company.”

Some Republicans privately question the need to sue Mr. Everhart on top of firing him.

They say the legal action only serves to keep the consultancy craft in the public eye as though it were a criminal racket, instead of the necessary means for candidates to compete and make themselves known to voters.

Mr. Elsass‘ suit accuses Mr. Everhart of arrogant behavior and of stealing company direct-mail lists and computer programs.

Those close to Mr. Everhart said there are no such direct-mail lists or computer programs unique to Mr. Elsass‘ firm.

They say the real winners will be the Democrats, whose campaign techniques and machinery proved far superior to the GOP’s in the 2012 presidential election — and with few accusations of consultant rapacity.