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Mr. Milbank also summarized Mr. Hicks’ riveting testimony as “gripes” that were “about bureaucratic squabbles rather than political scandal.” Right. And the Boston Marathon was marred by an appliance malfunction.

The Associated Press ran a piece by Donna Cassata titled, “GOP Benghazi hearing stokes political controversy.”

The hearing was conducted by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which has sitting members of both parties. When Democrats chair hearings, it’s about good government. When Republicans do it, it’s political theater. I don’t recall the AP describing any Obamacare session as a “Democrat health care hearing.”’s Todd Warner Huston further points out that “Cassata inserts her opinion into the description of the day’s events as well.” Here’s her fourth paragraph:

“Nearly eight months later, Republicans continue to investigate despite an exhaustive independent review and hours of testimony from senior administration officials.”

And how “exhaustive” is that review? Elliott Abrams, who headed Middle East affairs in the George W. Bush administration, wrote, “Mrs. Clinton’s role in this matter remains obscure in part because the State Department’s Accountability Review Board did not interview her, amazingly enough.” That’s amazing, all right.

The “exhaustive” report omits at least another crucial detail — Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, one of four Americans slain by the terrorists, traveled to Benghazi despite obvious danger because Mrs. Clinton “wanted to make it a permanent post” as a precursor for her planned triumphant trip to Libya in December.

We may never know exactly what transpired, because, as Terence Jeffrey writes at, “[Former Ambassador] Thomas Pickering and [retired Adm.] Mike Mullen, the co-chairs of the State Department’s Accountability Review Board that investigated the Benghazi attack … have refused requests from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to testify in the committee or even speak informally with it.”

Except for Fox News, The Washington Times and some conservative news sites, not much of this is being reported. That’s why it’s up to others to get the word out.

A Washington Post blog post, “Who’s Tweeting about Benghazi? Rich, middle-aged men and Chick-fil-A lovers,” reports that Tweeters using the #Benghazi tag during the hearing were “58.3% male, with an average age of 52.6 and a median income of $61,800 … they also like Chick-fil-A and Wal-Mart.”

That’s guns-and-religion-clinging Americans, doing the job the media won’t do.

Robert Knight is a senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times.