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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Real diversity overdue at Colorado

- The Washington Times - Monday, May 13, 2013

Too often universities tout "diversity" but fail to see that it translates to diversity of thought ("Conservatives wanted: Colorado University seeks intellectual diversity at liberal bastion," Web, April 30). The University of Colorado's initiative to seek out conservative professors is refreshing.

As an alumnus, I emphatically agree that liberal thought is pushed on a routine basis. From women's studies classes that bashed men to history professors that showed disdain for Christianity to business school instructors who cited as gospel, it was a hostile environment for conservative thought.

No doubt, it will be a long time before there is a balance. In fact, I guarantee the faculty itself will resist this and fight it tooth and nail. The current university is reflective of the city of Boulder itself: 12 square miles surrounded by reality.


Schaumburg, Ill.

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