- Associated Press - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Washington County Public Schools officials say they’re considering a dress code for employees amid complaints that some teachers show too much skin.

Superintendent Clayton Wilcox told the (Hagerstown) Herald-Mail in an email Monday that he plans to ask a group representing various employee factions to make suggestions for appropriate attire, with a set of guidelines possible by fall.

School board member Jacqueline Fischer, a former teacher, said some female substitute teachers have worn skirts too short and necklines too low.

Board President Justin Hartings said he has seen employees in outfits that reveal their midriffs.

“I think if you have a teacher in the classroom that has their midsection showing, I think that’s inappropriate,” Mr. Hartings said.

He said learning is a serious activity and employees “should dress in a way that reflects the seriousness of the work that we’re doing.”

The board members said the topic arose during an April committee meeting on the student dress code. The panel recommended having workers develop guidelines rather than asking the board to adopt an employee dress code policy.

School system spokesman Richard Wright said the appropriateness of individual employee attire is considered during annual performance reviews.



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