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Fellow golfers and others mimicked the shot with their own poses posted on Twitter. The hashtag (hash)dufnering emerged, and there are still people posting their own version.

“I was just sitting and somebody decided to take a picture and put it on the Internet. … The guys on Tour had a go at it with me and then it went viral,” he said. “I didn’t take it too seriously. Like most things in my life, I don’t take things too seriously. But it’s been a good response and I think people have had a kick out of it.”

Dufner said it’s “extremely weird” to him to see people having their dogs and cats “Dufnering,” but said the response has been good. He has seen many of the posts, and there is one that stands out.

“One guy did it up in, I think it was a C-130, where they transport tanks for the military. They had the back hatch down and he was sitting on the edge and they were up 20, 30,000 feet in the air,” he said. “That was a unique spot to do it.’