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In a May 1 notice, Transcom stated: “Effectively immediately, the use of personal messages and/or slogans is prohibited in email signature blocks. Such entries have the potential to convey the wrong message and in many cases inappropriately personalize official correspondence.”

The command then stated that “the only acceptable email tagline is our command sponsored, ‘Together, We Deliver.’”

Many in the military are known to add a famous quote from generals such as George S. Patton or others after the signature block on their emails.

As reported in this space last month, Transcom triggered the ire of some warriors through its “self-awareness seminars” designed to boost “emotional intelligence quotient.”

The seminars prompted one officer to state: “This is still the armed forces of the United States, is it not? Lord help us.”


China unveiled photos of its first unmanned combat aerial vehicle, or UCAV, this week as the U.S. Navy for the first time launched a nearly identical looking X-47B from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Richard Fisher, a China military affairs watcher with the International Assessment and Strategy Center, says the striking similarities between new Chinese UCAV and Western prototypes like the Northrop Grumman X-47B and Europe’s Neuron should be a cause for concern.

The Chinese drone is “a stark example of China’s broad investment in advanced military technologies,” Mr. Fisher told Inside the Ring.

“This UCAV demonstrates an understanding of current concepts for proportioning and shaping to confer range and low observability, or stealth,” he said. “The [Chinese army] likely is very pleased that these images of China’s UCAV appear at about the same time that the X-47B is about to commence carrier testing.”

According to Mr. Fisher, some Chinese reports suggest the Chinese drone is being developed jointly by the Shenyang Aircraft Corp. and the Hongdu Aircraft Industries Group. The Hongdu group is expected to outfit a future Chinese aircraft carrier with warplanes.

On Tuesday, the Navy announced that its fighter-sized X-47B drone successfully was launched from the aircraft carrier USS George W. Bush.

Rear Adm. Ted N. Branch, commander of Naval Air Forces Atlantic, said the launch off the Virginia coast was historic.

“Unmanned systems would be the likely choice in a theater or an environment that was highly defended or dangerous where we wouldn’t want to send manned aircraft,” Adm. Branch told The Associated Press.