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All told, the Judiciary Committee has considered 60 amendments, though it has shied away from making major changes to the bill.

On Thursday, the Gang of Eight saw a major test over amendments designed to protect American workers from competition from foreigners who obtain high-tech worker visas.

Several Democrats said they would like to vote for the amendments, but were told by Gang of Eight senators that doing so would be a “deal-killer” to the bill.

The committee also defeated an amendment that would have required the entry-exit visa system to be based on biometric identifiers, such as fingerprints or an iris scan, rather than just a photograph.

Senators who voted against the amendment said it was too costly and that neither Congress nor successive administrations had shown the political will to follow through on it.

But Mr. Rubio said through his spokesman that he wanted to see that amendment pass, and his amendment list includes expanding the entry-exit system to land ports of entry — something lacking in the bill itself.