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Is there anyone on the Caps besides Ovechkin you can safely say will be a threat to get 30 goals, let alone 40 or 50?

Getting a player of that caliber could help on the mental side, too. It will presumably be a veteran and one who isn’t bogged down by the Caps’ multiple playoff failures. Maybe he can help lead the always-disappointed core group beyond what’s expected, which would be a nice change from seeing the team often fall short of what’s expected.

Who is he? Where is he? How does he get here? Sorry, no answers jump to mind. Perhaps there is no answer. But George McPhee has been this team’s general manager for a very long time (too long, some might suggest, though we won’t do that here). If there is an answer, he needs to find it. He said when he traded well-regarded prospect Filip Forsberg for Erat that it takes guts to make a trade.

So show some major guts. Make a major trade.

Get Ovi his Malkin, his Fedorov.