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Marzouki filed a countersuit this past week, calling Williams‘ claims “ridiculous” and “patently false,” and accused the player of breaking off the engagement.

Marzouki added that Williams made it “abundantly clear in writing” that he wanted her to keep the ring following their last of many breakups in December. And, she said, Williams also communicated his wishes in text messages to her father and brother.

On Friday, Buzbee accused Williams of filing the lawsuit out of anger after Marzouki refused to reconcile after the last breakup.

Ms Marzouki will not be bullied,” Buzbee wrote. “In the court system, no matter how rich you are, everyone is treated equally.”

Buzbee released a three-page long series of texts off his client’s phone. The first 15 were blacked out, as were the last 15. In between, there were 30 consecutive texts that were shown to be exchanged between Williams and Marzouki.

Williams writes: “Ill focus on getting better all together and being string for myself.” He then added: “Leave it alone. It’s my business. I will get through it.”

Marzouki responded by urging Williams to get help, and added: “The way you are handling it us incredibly self destructive.”

Williams was at the Bills facility last week taking part in a three-day voluntary minicamp, and briefly discussed the lawsuit on Tuesday.

He referred to it as “something that happened and it is what it is,” adding he doesn’t believe it will be a distraction.

“When I’m here, this is my haven, this is my family and this is the most important thing for me, being around these guys,” Williams said. “It’s all about us, it’s not about anything else. Anything personal is personal. You don’t mix that with what we’re trying to accomplish here.”