Auburn women’s golfers overcome trying season

“I told her that if she tries to beat this and changes her diet and does certain things then I’ll get back out on the golf course and try to make our lives as normal as possible,” the sophomore said. “We made kind of a deal. That’s when I started back playing golf.”

Shirley now works for Atlanta Junior Golf, where she got her own start as a youngster. She was diagnosed with low blood pressure after she had passed out several times, including once at Auburn’s football national championship game in January 2011. She took much of November and December off, and doctors placed her on travel restrictions until May.

Shirley, who played for Evans, said she’s fine now. She showed up for part of the Friday round during regionals to cheer on her former team and said what they accomplished “brought me to tears.”

“They just kind of had that look in their eye,” Shirley said. “They’re fighters. They’ve had to be this year. There’s only one way to do it. You could tell they were playing for Coach just from the minute they walked out on that golf course.”

Evans has her own take on what the Tigers have endured this season. It’s the highs and lows of life, not just golf.

“It’s been a year of life, is what it’s been,” she said. “We’ve all kind of had a little chapter in it. I couldn’t be more proud of them to just keep on keeping on. They’re taking it as they come. The good times, too. We’ve had some great times.

“They’re just going to keep on keeping on.”

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