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The president said his experience impressed on him the need to be a good father and husband, and that his efforts at home are more important to him than his achievements as president

“Everything else is unfulfilled if we fail at family, if we fail at that responsibility,” he said. “I know that when I am on my deathbed someday, I will not be thinking about any particular legislation I passed; I will not be thinking about a policy I promoted; I will not be thinking about the speech I gave, I will not be thinking the Nobel Prize I received. I will be thinking about that walk I took with my daughters. I’ll be thinking about a lazy afternoon with my wife. I’ll be thinking about sitting around the dinner table and seeing them happy and healthy and knowing that they were loved. And I’ll be thinking about whether I did right by all of them.”

The president combined his visit to Morehouse Sunday with a fundraiser in Georgia for Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate.