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Mr. Issa has said the documents are brought to the Capitol each day by official minders, who watch staff as they review them, and take the documents back to the State Department at the end of the day. It is normal practice for the committee to be provided with copies of its own, which it stores in secure spaces in its office, Mr. Issa said in a letter last week to Secretary of State John F. Kerry.

It was also in this letter that Mr. Issa warned the State Department not to try to muzzle potential whistleblowers by denying their attorneys a security clearance.

The accountability review board report is facing further scrutiny from the State Department’s own inspector general’s office. A spokesman for the office said Thursday that the State Department was notified March 28 that the inspector general was beginning a “special review of the accountability review board process.”

“The review was already planned late last year,” said spokesman Doug Welty.

He said the review was set into motion after post-Benghazi inquiries were made by Sen. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent, and Sen. Susan M. Collins, Maine Republican.

“It is not in response to, or as a result of the upcoming congressional hearings on the Benghazi attacks,” Mr. Welty said.

Mrs. Toensing, a Republican former U.S. prosecutor, told Fox News on Monday that she had been refused a clearance to represent a Benghazi whistleblower she said was a career Foreign Service officer.

The State Department replied Wednesday that it had not received any such requests for a security clearance.

That tale took another twist Thursday with department spokesman Patrick Ventrell accusing Mrs. Toensing of “lying.”

Since the State Department issued its denial, he said, Mrs. Toensing “has been in contact with us and is now going through the procedures to get a security clearance. But this individual was on TV repeatedly saying that they were being held back from getting a security clearance before they’d even picked up the phone to call us.”

“She was making false statements,” Mr. Ventrell added, “false statements are lying. … We had somebody who was on national television saying that we were blocking them from getting a security clearance, which was not true.”

For the third day in a row, Ms. Toensing declined to grant The Washington Times’ request for an interview.

GOP frustration

Other House Republicans have expressed frustration that they cannot get answers from the administration about the survivors of the attack, one who was reportedly still in a hospital six months after the attack.

Rep. Frank R. Wolf, a Virginia Republican who heads an appropriations subcommittee that controls State Department budget, has written several letters to the department about this issue, saying he believes that the survivors should be recognized in some way. He has not received a reply, staffers said this week.

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