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It wasn’t until credible polls reported that nearly half the country believed Mr. Obama was born abroad did he finally show true transparency and qualify his own constitutional legitimacy as president. Even then, Mr. Obama called the whole issue “silliness,” as if compliance with the U.S. Constitution were an option.

Liberals should have been alarmed early on when Mr. Obama circumvented the advise-and-consent process by unconstitutionally creating 32 czar posts without the Senate’s approval. Democratic legislators said nothing, though, letting their own power slip right through their hands.

Despite all of these flagrant abuses of power, many liberals still think Mr. Obama is the shining hope of liberalism. He is not. There is nothing democratic about Mr. Obama or his very corrupt administration.

Mr. Obama’s willingness to intimidate and silence anyone who defies his power structure is dictatorial and terrifying. The president kept his campaign promise of fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

Slowly, Mr. Obama has changed the United States into another country — the Soviet States of America — an authoritarian state where false promises of “hope and change” were used to manipulate the public. Ours is a state now in which power — not the Constitution — has become the currency of the government’s decision-making process, and the press has become an instrument of the state.

Those of us who saw this from the beginning weren’t crazy, after all. We were just listening.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is a lawyer who served on John F. Kerry’s presidential election legal team, and T. Michael Andrews is a former Bush administration official.