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Miller: Are there pictures out there of you undressed? Do you have pictures that exist?

Weiner: You know this is part of the problem with the way in which this has progressed and one of the reasons that I was, perhaps — you’ll forgive me — a little bit stiff yesterday. [Laughter as Weiner smirks at a male reporter.]

Miller: Jesus Christ.

Reporter: You’ve used the word firm, you’ve used the word…

Weiner: Can I ask, is there a weiner joke that hasn’t been used in this context?

Miller: You’re making them all, though.

Weiner: I’m making them all?

Miller: You’re making all those.

Weiner: I would refer you to any of the coverage of this case, the jokes kind of write themselves.

Mr. Weiner then gives an extensive defense of his privacy. A reporter asked him to explain how he claimed to have been hacked but did not deny taking the photo of himself. 

“We know for sure I didn’t send those photographs. We know for sure that someone did. We know for sure that one of my follower’s name was inserted. We know for sure she’s put out a statement she doesn’t know me. I certainly don’t know her. I don’t really know her connection to this, but her statement speaks for itself.” He then explained that he was tweeting at time and deleted the tweet when he saw it.

Miller: How did someone get a picture of you in your underwear, if that’s possible?

Weiner: We don’t know where this photo came from, if it has been manipulated, which is a possibility. As Jon Stewart alluded to last night, there are reasons to believe it might have been. [Weiner smiled at a male reporter and laughed.]

(Comedian Jon Stewart, Mr. Weiner’s close friend and former roommate, joked on the previous night’s show that he remembered his friend as being less well-endowed.)

Weiner: We don’t know that it’s a police matter. I got spam yesterday. …

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