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“I’m definitely comfortable now” in stock cars, Patrick said. “It probably took until last year when it was full time. I would get in a car for the first time in six weeks and it was like you have one hour to practice before you go qualify and race. That’s tough.”

Patrick ran on the Nationwide Series full-time last year and participated in 10 Sprint Cup races as a warm-up to this season.

She said she’s committed to racing NASCAR, although she knows there have been some speed bumps in the past and likely more ahead in the future.

“It’s about settling in and figuring things out and finding the areas I need to work on,” Patrick said. “But part of this season is having good races and having bad races. It’s the first full year.”

If there’s a big positive for Patrick it’s that she’s been strong and competitive on the short tracks, much more so than last season.

“We’re much stronger there this year,” Patrick said. “Now it’s time to figure out how you’re going to improve in the other areas. And at the same time not forget what your strengths have been.”