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Off the course, Woods has made his share of bad decisions and paid a price financially and to his image.

But he’s never shown himself to be a racist.

Garcia has done the apology routine but those words aren’t going back in his mouth.

Speaking of words that never should have come out of mouths, the Capitals are probably grateful for Soriano and Garcia. It deflected a bit of the attention off them after their captain, Alex Ovechkin, and to a lesser degree general manager George McPhee, harped on officiating after they were eliminated from the playoffs by the Rangers.

It came off as whiny, and frankly a bit disrespectful of a Rangers team that won four of the final five games in the series. Perhaps the officiating was a little flawed. That didn’t lose the series. Putting one regulation goal past Henrik Lundqvist in the final three games is what cost the Caps.

The Bruins managed to stuff 10 past Lundqvist in the first three games of their series with the Rangers.

The officiating must have improved.

Finally, we close the discussion of stupidity with someone who let his hand do the talking for him. Nationals reliever Ryan Mattheus is out indefinitely because he punched a locker after giving up five runs in a loss at San Diego on Sunday. The result? A broken pitching hand.

The only thing that did was guarantee he won’t be giving up five runs in a game again anytime soon. He flew east two days ahead of his teammates so he could see a specialist and determine a course of treatment. He’ll probably miss six weeks under the best-case scenario, but it could be much longer.

He’ll have a lot of idle time to think and we don’t figure there are going to be a lot of happy thoughts going through his head.