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Griffin did not specify details of his conversation with Shanahan. When asked directly if he was happy with the way coaches used him last season, however, Griffin did not affirm that.

“I was happy with the wins that we had, the way we came out through the season and the adversity that we faced being 3-6, finishing 10-6, getting to the playoffs, winning the division,” he said. “I think all those things are the building blocks, and now it’s just about continuing to make that relationship grow together so we can sprout up into a nice beautiful tree.”

But did he have a problem with how he was used?

“Nah, I didn’t have a problem with it,” he said.

Griffin confirmed he cried after waking up from surgery and realized he faced his second right ACL rehabilitation in less than four years. He also revealed he did not completely tear his LCL.

Avoiding a similar injury in the future is among his and the team’s highest priorities.

“I can’t change my mindset, but I can be smarter about what I do out there,” Griffin said.

Shanahan added: “I think Robert is the first person to tell you that, ‘Hey, this year, I’m going to be a little bit more conservative than I was a year ago.’ If you’re not on the field, you’re going to hurt our football team. And you have to take those dives. You have to throw the football away, regardless of if it’s a drop-back pass or a scramble or if it’s a quarterback keep.”