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A fast start to 2013 put Servia right back in the points chase and things seemed to be improving for Reinbold’s low-budget team. Then came the call that caught everyone off guard.

“This is the saddest part, and I’m really sad that a team like this has to stop after only a few races in the season,” Servia said. “I hope somebody reads this somewhere about this situation and a company or a potential partner comes on board.”

This isn’t how Reinbold envisioned things going after running a full-time IndyCar team for most of the past 14 years.

But he has found ways to adapt. He shared the ownership with former IndyCar driver Robbie Buhl, helped Sarah Fisher become the first North American woman to win a pole in open-wheel racing, brought Paul Tracy back to the 500 and last year, when the team was struggling with Lotus engines, formed a technical partnership with Panther Racing, another low-budget, Indy-based team that is co-owned by John Barnes, Jim Herbage and others. Panther’s team is not folding.

Reinbold is already plotting a comeback.

“Our plan is to keep as many people here so we can be as turnkey as we can and gear up for 2014 so we can get back full-time,” he said.

Servia has been given permission to speak with other teams and has spent his free time avidly trying to cultivate some sort of sponsorship deal that would keep his current team afloat.

The other option is finding a new team, something most teams won’t do in the middle of a season. But the driver’s points could help Servia because they would stay with him even if he wound up in a different ride.

Servia said drivers in Gasoline Alley have offered their support. What he really needs, though, is a job or someone with a large check.

If he wins Indy, he’ll likely get both.

Otherwise, he’s likely to be out of town next week.

“If I win, things will change for me regardless of whether this is it for the team. But I think winning the biggest race in the world will change things for the team,” Servia said. “Otherwise, I’ll be going to Costa Rica until the start of next season.”