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“If there is a border outpost and it was in question that the Taliban could take it over or something, then we don’t obviously want to leave that because that’s a burden to secure it,” he said.

Meanwhile, a $9.2 billion program is underway to shelter and train the Afghan National Security Forces. Of that, $5.8 billion will be spent on 361 projects or bases for the Afghan National Army and $3.4 billion for 762 projects or bases for the Afghan National Police.

About 45 percent of those projects are complete, and 50 percent are in progress. The remaining 5 percent are in the acquisition phase. These facilities are expected to cost $93 million a year to maintain.

Gen. Wehr said 4,050 facility engineers for the Afghan National Security Forces have been authorized and their training is continuing.

The troops are under pressure to complete the facilities as soon as possible, he said, but not all of them may be finished when the coalition leaves.

“There may be some border outposts that do not make sense. It is very difficult to try build something, then secure and hold [it]. Typically, it’s secure, hold and build,” he said. “So there are some locations that have been very kinetic and don’t make sense to try to finish. Those are operational decisions,” Gen. Wehr said.

“These facilities enable the ANSF to take security responsibility.”