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Police: Man charged for Facebook comments about British soldier’s death

- The Washington Times - Sunday, May 26, 2013

A 22-year-old man was arrested Thursday night on suspicion of making malicious comments on Facebook following the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby.

A Lincolnshire police spokesman said Friday that Benjamin Flatters had been charged for his social media comments, which were allegedly of a racist or anti-religious nature, The Daily Mail reports.

A second man also was visited by officers but only was warned about his activity on Facebook, the spokesman added.

The charge comes after the brutal murder of 25-year-old Drummer Rigby, who was stabbed and decapitated on a street in southeast London on Wednesday.

Two men were earlier released on bail following their arrest for making alleged offensive comments on Twitter about the murder. They had been held under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred.

"People should stop and think about what they say on social media before making statements as the consequences could be serious," Detective Inspector Ed Yaxley of Avon and Somerset police said, according to The Daily Mail.

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