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“Even if it’s just hanging out, sitting around, just jamming — that’s fantastic,” Cpl. Donnelly said.

The young Marine was accustomed to an active life. Before his injuries, he taught mixed martial arts and dancing. He also played soccer and baseball. His ambidexterity at pitching made it tricky for batters to hit.

All that is in his past.

“There is that deep-down feeling in your gut where you know nothing is ever going to be the same,” he said.

What he can do is play music — and laugh.

His passion for music “has definitely afforded plenty of jokes for me and my brothers,” he said.

Through it all, MusiCorps has been there to remind him of the joy he still can find in life.

“When you suffer a real tragedy in your life, you have to remain hopeful and still believe it’s all for the best,” he said. “If somebody like me can be hopeful and still have faith through all of this, all of the other trials in life don’t seem quite so daunting.”