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“Chris Christie don’t need no GOP: New Jersey governor can win in 2016 as independent.”

— From Mediaite columnist Joe Concha.


Derelict bridges and crumbling roads are big news these days, prompting some closer examination of White House stimulus funds and government spending. Libertarians are now calling for a close inspection of the bridges — and of local politicians.

“Don’t be surprised to learn that in most states, less than 2 percent of state government spending goes toward building, fixing or maintaining roadways,” says Libertarian National Committee Executive Director Carla Howell.

“Road maintenance, construction and repair should be funded as locally as possible,” she advises. “We certainly don’t need the federal government butting in and adding to the waste. That will only drive up costs more and tempt politicians to sign on to big-government boondoggles like the ‘Big Dig’.”

She refers to the notorious Boston road project with a price tag that escalated from $2.3 billion to $24 billion. She blames such costly phenomena on local tastes for federal funds rather than state tax dollars.

“Every dangerous road, tunnel and bridge in America should be fixed or replaced immediately — but without blackmailing taxpayers for more money,” Ms. Howell adds. “Instead, politicians and their appointees should be held criminally negligent for allowing any public thoroughfare to remain unsafe. At the same time, we must stop debt-funding roads and force politicians to fund road maintenance and repairs from planned budgets.”


67 percent of Americans say it is “likely but not certain” that the Syrian government used chemical weapons to kill civilians; 69 percent of Republicans and 67 percent of Democrats agree.

66 percent of Americans overall say that if there was clear evidence of chemical use, U.S. military intervention would be justified; 65 percent of Republicans and 66 percent of Democrats agree.

36 percent of Americans say they are “somewhat concerned” by the unstable situation in Syria; 42 percent of Republicans and 43 percent of Democrats agree.

19 percent overall have little or no concern about Syria; 11 percent of Republicans and 9 percent of Democrats agree.

Source: A CNN/ORC poll of 923 U.S. adults conducted May 17 and 18 and released Monday.

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