- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anthony D. Weiner, whose fall from political grace began with social media snafus involving inappropriate naked tweets to young women, is now putting out the help wanted sign — for youth-aged interns with social media savvy.

“If you want to join the most exciting campaign of the year … we want you to help Anthony Weiner become the next mayor,” states one online advertisement, the New York Post reported. “His campaign is looking for interns and fellows to join our team, immediately.”

Specifically, the ex-congressman seeks interns schooled in “social media to enhance our message,” the ad states. It’s running on a job site for Democrats hoping to gain political experience, the Post said. And the positions are unpaid.

“This is an unpaid internship, but we are willing to work with you to get you school credit,” the campaign states, as the Post reported.

The job calls for long hours, and only applicants willing to perform a wide variety of tasks — from knocking on doors to putting together campaign parties — need apply, the ad states, as the Post reported.



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