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But the reality that there isn’t another tryout lined up lurked in every step, every page. There’s no nonfootball job standing by. The sun-drenched morning and bellowing coaches and chunks of turf kicked in the air is what he trained for.

“If you think about it, it’s a lot of pressure. But once you get out here and get going, you don’t have time to think about it,” Repovz said. “Block the guy in front of you. Do it with the right technique. If you think about it outside of practice, it can be daunting.”

Everything moved quickly, more than he experienced in the Mid-American Conference. Repovz savored every shred of feedback. The worst thing, he figured, is if coaches kept quiet around you. There’s plenty to improve.

“I just need to be quicker,” he said. “It’s so fast. Everyone’s just way faster. … That was the biggest challenge for me. Being quick off ball and beating the defensive linemen to the play side.”

Minicamp ended just before noon Sunday. The cherry pickers dropped to earth. Repovz lingered on the edge of the field as the other long shots and draft picks laughed and sauntered to the locker room. Words tumbled out as the tryout’s tension seeped away. The future looked like a flight back to Michigan, resuming the punishing workout schedule and no guarantees. Only waiting for another phone call to extend his NFL quest.

“It’s like the NFL is every man for himself,” Repovz said, looking around the empty practice fields he wasn’t eager to leave. “It’s a business now.”