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“The outside shouldn’t matter. It really shouldn’t,” Thibodeau said. “The only thing that matters, really, is what we think. So whether it’s praise or criticism from the outside, that’s not important. It’s what we think on the inside. So we know if we do the right things that go into winning, we’re going to have a chance to win and that’s all we want to focus in on. All the other stuff, I think, just gets you distracted.”

Noah said he was planning to sit in the sunshine on Tuesday, sip water, maybe squeeze a nap or a massage into his afternoon agenda. In other words, he was basically going to have a mini-vacation.

Make no mistake, though. The Bulls are taking this opportunity super-seriously. That’s why the theme of their meetings on Tuesday was about ways to get better.

“Everything,” guard Jimmy Butler _ who has played all 48 minutes in three straight games _ said when asked about which areas where Chicago needs to see improvement in Game 2. “We made a lot of mistakes in our offense, our defense. They missed a lot of open shots and we made some shots. I feel that we can execute better, and we will.”

There’s no arguing Miami can execute better. Or at least, shoot better.

The tape confirmed what the stat sheet, their eyes, and the eyes of everyone else who watched Game 1 said: Miami missed tons of open shots on Monday night. So while there will be adjustments to make, the simplest way for the Heat to get back on track is just make more shots, easy as that sounds.

“It ain’t about Xs and Os in this series,” Heat forward and four-time NBA MVP LeBron James said. “It’s about will and determination to win the series, for both teams. … We want our shooters to shoot and they will continue to shoot because we will continue to find them. We’ve got the utmost confidence in them.”