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“That’s Major League Baseball’s decision,” Harper said. “I respect that, definitely. If I was to get fined, I’d respect that, too.”

Harper, who joked that it was $1,000 staying in his pocket, said he had not heard from Hirschbeck since the incident.

“It’s in the past,” he said. “Just a little step to step over and start playing ball again.”

Harper was ruled to have swung for strike three by Hirschbeck, the third base umpire. Voicing his disagreement with the call, Harper threw his hands in the air. Hirschbeck then mimicked him, and ejected him from the game shortly thereafter. While the umpire cited Harper for “throwing” his bat and “slamming” his helmet, replays showed he did neither with much ferocity.

“I didn’t like that he put his hands up with the bat,” Hirschbeck told a pool reporter at the time. “That’s kind of what I yelled at him. He continued and threw his bat. I kind of pointed like ‘That’s equipment.’ And he still continued and slammed his helmet down. That’s when I ejected him.”

The league was said to be reviewing Hirschbeck’s actions in the ejection.