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He missed to the right of the green, shrugged and said, “Just wanted to get it out of my system.”

NBC Sports analyst Johnny Miller said players have to “tippy-toe” their way around the golf course. Scott, meanwhile, is still floating.

There was never a moment where he woke up in the Bahamas and realized that the Sunday playoff in the rain was not a dream, that he indeed had won the Masters. The routine he kept each morning made that impossible.

“When I walk in the closet and I put the green jacket on every morning … I do,” he said as the room filled with laughter. “I’ve missed it the last couple days. It’s the first couple days I haven’t had it with me, so that’s been a lot of fun just wearing it around the house.”

That sums up Scott’s extraordinary vacation.

It was such a big deal in Australia to finally have a Masters champion that he was tempted to go home and join the celebration.

But he has bigger plans. The Masters was in April. This is May. The season is not even halfway over, and there are still three majors to be played. Scott certainly never had any intentions of stopping at one.

“It was an incredible response to winning,” Scott said. “The prime minister of Australia called me. Like I said, I was overwhelmed. Also, I talked this one over with the people that are around me, and we’re in the middle of the year. Yes, it’s cause for celebration, but we have a plan in place. It’s hopefully not going to stop with the Masters at the moment. I want to keep focused while I can and try to make this my biggest year yet.

“I think we can rustle up some celebration when I get home at the end of the year.”