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“I can’t say anything needs to be fixed. What I can say is that there are some things we can refine,” he said. “I think we can play a little bit smarter baseball. I think we can use the tools that are given to us a little better.”

NOTES: Rizzo said RHP Stephen Strasburg, OF Bryce Harper and 1B Adam LaRoche “all should be ready by spring training” following surgery last week. Strasburg had bone chips removed from his right elbow, and Rizzo said that problem was discovered “right after the season” when the pitcher was given an MRI exam. … Williams on Harper: “He plays the game the way it should be played. He is all out, every day, all the time, every game. He’s paid for it by getting injured and running into walls. … Now, can we be a little smarter sometimes? Sure. And not necessarily run into that wall? Of course. But man, the kid’s 21 years old. Let him go. This is a stallion. This is a guy that is ready to just explode.”


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