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“You can imagine that Congress — that put these sanctions in place with the administration kicking and screaming all the way, pushing back against these sanctions — [is] very concerned that we’re going to deal away the leverage that we have where we finally have Iran willing to sit down and talk about these issues,” Sen. Bob Corker, Tennessee Republican and ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, predicted a bipartisan push from Congress to introduce another round of sanctions, but said the threat of military force is the only tactic will bring the Iranians to the table.

“A sensible outcome would mean stop enriching, dismantle the centrifuges, stop the plutonium-producing reactor at Iraq,” Mr. Graham said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “If you want a peaceful nuclear power program, which I’m fine with in Iran, let the international community control the fuel cycle where the Iranian program looks like Mexico and Canada, not North Korea, and turn over all highly enriched uranium that they have in their possession to the international community.

“A new round of sanctions will be coming from the Congress,” he said. “The Congress will define the end game because we’re worried about the endgame, not some interim deal. You can’t trust the Iranians. They’re lying about their nuclear program, they’ve been hiding from the international community very important aspects of their nuclear program. I want a peaceful resolution to the Iranian nuclear problem. I don’t want a North Korea in the Mideast, and that’s where we’re headed if we continue to negotiate the way we are.”