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[Corrected paragraph:] “As for our grass-roots support, we are currently working with … All American Veterans Services, Tea Party Community, ACS Public Relations, and the Tea Party Tribune,” said Don Smith, a talk radio host and a public relations maven who is helping Mr. Marra wrangle the complexities of public outreach and fundraising.

The ultimate goals are to fund, produce and situate the statuaries in an appropriate public venue.

Taya Kyle also has lent her support to a statue honoring her late husband, Mr. Smith said.

The young widow and mother of two became a public figure during the memorial service for her spouse in February. The event drew 7,000 mourners and was held at Cowboys Stadium near Dallas and was attended by a spectrum of military personnel from all branches of the armed forces, along with law enforcement officers and motorcycle devotees.

“I stand before you a broken woman, but always the wife of a warrior,” Mrs. Kyle told the crowd.

Mr. Marra, meanwhile, continues his determined work in clay and in bronze from his studio in Bradenton. He shares time with his wife, Jana, and their three children, and he continues to draw inspiration from the SEALs and their missions.

“Though I definitely lean right, I try to keep politics from overwhelming these works. Again, my focus is on American excellence,” Mr. Marra said. “I discover I need to build a certain statue, so I build it and I raise the money — which can come from the left, from the right. Doesn’t matter. What is important is the cause, and that is to honor our military.”