- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 12, 2013


According to the mainstream media, the recent government shutdown has left Republicans — and more importantly, conservatives — on the precipice of a political abyss.

The media concentrates on disagreements in the Republican Party and low public approval of the GOP, while simultaneously remaining silent about the abject failure of our president’s domestic and international policies. The left-wing media’s ultimate hope is to brainwash enough low-information voters and guilt-ridden Democrats into thinking that President Obama is the Abraham Lincoln of this century and that he must be succeeded by the coronation of “Queen” Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What the media fails to report is that more than 50 percent of voters disapprove of the president’s performance and more than 80 percent of voters think the country is going in the wrong direction.

Despite unacceptable jobless rates, uninspiring economic growth and an unsustainable national debt, Democrats and the media spend 90 percent of their time ranting and raving about gay marriage, LGBT rights, on-demand abortion, junk environmental science and immigration reform, all of which affect less than 25 percent of the population.

There are no media reports highlighting the fact that Americans in general are more aligned with Republicans than Democrats on key issues. Americans want jobs, Obamacare fixed, reductions in the national debt and annual deficits, tax reform, reduced regulation, reform of Medicare and Social Security and economic growth.

Americans have a clear choice: They can continue to swallow the media gibberish, vote for Democrats and watch the transformation of the United States into a “progressive social democracy,” or they can elect Republicans and participate in the restoration of our exceptional republic.


Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.



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