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“The Health Insurance Marketplace: What does it mean for my practice?” features Dr. Eugene Freund, medical officer for the center for consumer information and insurance oversight at CMS.

In the video, Dr. Freund describes the enrollment, coverage changes, state and federal marketplaces and eligibility, but he also includes a hopeful message to doctors about the benefits of Obamacare.

“First, we should expect big changes in access,” Dr. Freund said on the video. “We should expect to see more patients because there will be an increased number of insured Americans.

“The one-shop stopping assistance and the financial assistance based on eligibility, including tax credits to offset cost and cost-sharing subsidies, should increase the number of your patients who now have insurance.”

It’s unclear how much the presentation cost taxpayers, but records list varying prices for videos, including $129,219 for an “originally developed video webcast delivered by a single expert.”

The CMS contracting work for WebMD comes at a time when the company has told investors it’s not sure how Obamacare will impact its finances.

One one hand, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and other advertisers could cut back or delay advertising expenditures. But the company also sees opportunity in “our capabilities in providing health and wellness information and education, WebMD noted in a recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing.