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Lisa Markwell, an editor at The Independent newspaper, on Sunday noted a Dickensian touch to the New York-born Internet pioneer and former Obama fundraiser who took up his post in August.

“You must be getting used to London; there’s something of the Artful Dodger about that look!” she said, referring to the impish pickpocket in “Oliver Twist.”

Tom Fletcher, Britain’s ambassador to Lebanon, recalled that Benjamin Franklin, America’s first ambassador to France, was the first foreign envoy to appear hatless at the court of Louis XVI.

“Glad to see proper standards restored,” Mr. Fletcher added.


Daniel Hannan, a conservative member of the European Parliament who is highly regarded in conservative circles in Washington, had some advice for Republicans as President Obama’s health care program continues to unravel.

“Obamacare is becoming a political disaster even before it starts,” he said Thursday on Twitter. “Console yourselves with this thought, Republicans: you didn’t build that.”

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