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“I’m not perfect. Maybe you are, but I’m not, OK?” he said to journalists. “I know none of you guys have ever had a drink and got behind the wheel.”

Later, many of Toronto’s 44-member City Council turned their backs as the mayor, who wore a Toronto Argonauts football jersey and cowboy boots, spoke about city affairs.

The council voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to ask Mr. Ford to take a leave of absence, but the motion was nonbinding because the council lacks the authority to force the mayor from office unless he is convicted of a crime. The council is set to consider another motion Friday to strip Mr. Ford of some of his powers.

“This is beyond a leave of absence. He needs to resign,” said Councilor Denzil Minnan-Wong. “This mayor thinks he is above the law. He is not.”

The Argonauts football team took issue with Mr. Ford’s wearing the team jersey.

“These latest remarks, while wearing our team’s jersey, are particularly disappointing,” the team said in a statement.

Councilor Giorgio Mammoliti, a Ford ally, said if Mr. Ford doesn’t agree to go for treatment by the end of the day, the mayor has lost his support.

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, also a Ford ally, said he’s increasingly sad that “Canada’s biggest and most important city had been reduced to that squalid context.”