Inside the Beltway: Obamacare ‘fix’ now in a fix

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86 percent of U.S. voters say “elected officials in Washington” add to the nation’s problems; 93 percent of Republicans and 78 percent of Democrats agree.

9 percent overall say the officials are helping solve the problems; 5 percent of Republicans and 14 percent of Democrats agree.

65 percent overall say Congress should continue to investigate the Benghazi terrorist attacks; 83 percent of Republicans and 46 percent of Democrats agree.

63 percent overall are worried about their personal health care in the future; 87 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats agree.

51 percent overall say President Obama “spends too much time blaming others” for problems that arise; 80 percent of Republicans and 20 percent of Democrats agree.

46 percent overall say the U.S. should “throw out” health care reform law and start over; 72 percent of Republicans and 19 percent of Democrats agree.

42 percent overall say we should “keep trying to fix it”; 21 percent of Republicans and 66 percent of Democrats agree.

Source: A Fox News poll of 1,006 registered U.S. voters conducted Nov. 10 to 12.

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