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Mr. Obama has skirted, trampled and violated the Constitution so many times that it will be hard for any future president not to simply agree that doing so has now become precedent.

He has already rewritten the health care law so many times that it has become commonplace. Is there no aspect of that law — or any law — that he does not believe a president can simply rewrite?

And it is completely without shame that he has repeatedly violated the Constitution, even when the courts strike him down such as they did over his refusal to get Senate approval for his nominations. It is as if he read the Constitution, studied it and even taught it. But, in the end, determined that it only applied to other presidents. Not him.

OK, so the drunken rages of Toronto’s Mr. Ford have been entertaining. Clearly, smoking crack should not be condoned and it is certainly illegal. But whatever damage he is doing to the mayoralty of Toronto will probably pass on with him and the circus will be over.

What Mr. Obama is doing is not funny and cannot be undone. The mockery he is making of one of the greatest documents for human freedom in history cannot be erased.

If he moves on, all future presidents will be left with a new precedent and a map to unchecked tyranny.

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