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Senior Hezbollah official Mahmoud Komati said at the scene that the attack was a direct result of the “successive defeats suffered by [extremists] in Syria.” He described the blasts as a “message of blood and death” to Iran and Hezbollah for standing by Syria, vowing that they would not alter their position.

A Lebanese al Qaeda-linked group, the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, claimed responsibility, saying attacks would continue until Hezbollah withdraws its forces from Syria.

The authenticity of the claim could not be independently verified. It was posted on a militant website and on the Twitter account of Sirajuddin Zurayqat, a spokesman of the Azzam Brigades.

“It was a double martyrdom operation by two Sunni heroes from Lebanon,” he wrote.

The group is active in southern Lebanon and has issued claims in the past for rocket attacks into northern Israel. It also has claimed a 2010 bombing of a Japanese oil tanker in the Persian Gulf and a 2005 rocket attack that narrowly missed a U.S. amphibious assault ship docked at Jordan’s Aqaba Red Sea resort.

This article is based in part on wire service reports.