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Had the sturdy New England stock that coursed through the Irish bloodlines of John Fitzgerald Kennedy not been drained by an assassin’s bullet, imagine what he would be thinking about world affairs.

JFK’s mama, Rose, lived to be 104 and pop Joe, who had a debilitating stroke at 73 in 1961, lived to be 81.

Ponder Jack today, an aging statesman, perhaps preparing (or being prepared) at age 96 to head to Kennedy family grounds in Palm Beach or Hyannis Port and reading the headlines of today.

WWJD about Washington’s football team again making headlines for racial intensities.

The Redskins were the lone NFL holdout of integration and Kennedy’s Interior Secretary Stuart Udall not-so-jokingly reflected JFK’s views by calling the team the “Paleskins.”

Whether Jack would again let his feelings be known about the team’s ethnically challenged proclivity is uncertain, of course. But it’s pretty clear that Barack Obama is following a Kennedy tradition by suggesting a name change.

WWJD on the cultural front?

Well, there would be loads for him to choose from.

Miley Cyrus’ twerking and Rihanna’s exhibitionism might not wrinkle JFK’s forehead. I mean, come on, this is a guy who seemingly adored whorish behavior but married a quintessentially refined and educated lady.

Jackie Kennedy was his wife and — and — her own woman.

Jack lavished her with jewels, and she stood by her man.

Jackie, though, wasn’t the only woman who knew whether her husband preferred boxers or briefs. Still, can’t you imagine, even though he would be 96 today, can’t you picture Jack watching TV and swatting away the racy Kmart ad that shows a half-dozen Joe Boxer-clad young men hip-swaying and jingle-belling all the way?

And WWJD about health care?

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