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Funny, a year ago, when a second moderate Republican got destroyed by the progressive president, the GOP was worried that it had been banished beyond the wall, destined to spend a generation in the long winter. But then, the law Mr. Obama championed began to take effect, with disastrous results. Oddly, the left doesn’t yet know this simple fact: It will only get worse — there is no other outcome.

The faith America put into Mr. Obama has been shattered — irreparably. The theoretical takeover of health care is now real, and it’s far worse than any Democrat ever imagined. Their faith is broken, too.

And now, there is no denying that the emperor has no clothes. Only Nancy Pelosi thinks everything is OK. And that should frighten the liberal left even more.

Joseph Curl covered the White House and politics for a decade for The Washington Times and is now editor of the Drudge Report. He can be reached at and on Twitter @josephcurl.