- - Monday, November 25, 2013


It is unfortunate that renewable energy and global warming have become part of a faith-based doomsday religion disconnected from honest science. Everyone should watch “Global Warming: Doomsday Called Off,” a documentary now available on YouTube. Since the film was produced, the Earth has grown cooler, not warmer.

Our politicians keep claiming global warming is established fact, but the facts on the ground, in the air and in the oceans do not prove the theory. Global warming has been erroneously blamed for hurricanes, floods and droughts, all of which are natural and normal disasters that happen every year somewhere on Earth. These events are not related to any unusual warming of the atmosphere or oceans, tragic as they may be.

By contrast, the worldwide environmental and human damage caused by the global renewable-energy fad is proven. We need to find replacements for fossil fuels because they are getting too expensive to burn, and we need cheap energy to prosper. The most promising energy sources are Low Energy Nuclear Reaction and simplified hot fusion, as being developed by Lockheed Martin and others.

President Obama keeps pushing biofuels, windmills and solar projects, all of which are proven disasters. Biofuel farming has sharply increased the price of fertilizer, farmland and food worldwide, causing millions of deaths worldwide owing to malnutrition and related illness. Our president, who hails from the Corn Belt, was elected with the help of Big Ethanol and does not seem to care.

Eugene, Ore.



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