- - Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The Democratic Republic of the United States of America has died. The death blow came not from an enemy on the field of battle, but from an enemy right here at home. The name of that enemy: Shortsighted partisan politics.

The past several decades have seen the erosion of our great republic through the removal of the system of checks and balances by the gratuitous use of executive privilege, the implementation of the 17th Amendment and now the limited removal of the filibuster.

The filibuster was intended to be the last line of defense against an overwhelming majority, to prevent tyranny against a minority. Now that it is gone, the door to tyranny has not merely been opened, but blown wide — and we are susceptible to tragic ruin by way of unopposed judicial activism and continued abuse of executive appointments. Many appointees, history has shown, will be unanswerable to the people, yet still be able to have a great impact on the people’s lives.

This isn’t about Republican versus Democrat. It’s about the life and protections afforded us by the Constitution versus a government so out of control that it has lost sight of the people. I beg all of you to put down your digital drugs. Turn off the TV, log off Facebook and look around you. See what you are about to lose, learn about it if you don’t understand, and take action while you still legally can.

The cost of inaction is loss of liberty; the fruit of apathy is tyranny.

Salisbury Mills, N.Y.



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