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After a 35-year career in law enforcement, U.S. Park Police Chief Theresa Chambers is retiring — and deservedly so. Chief Chambers has made her mark, and it is one that leaves an indelible imprint far and wide (“Park Police chief announces retirement,” Nov. 22).

Chief Chambers demonstrated her tenacity when she fought the unjust action of an abrupt dirty-politics-type dismissal from her job as chief in 2004. Though it took seven years to win her case, Chief Chambers was unrelenting in her quest to clear her name and keep her integrity intact. She worked day and night, for hours on end, researching her options for the pursuit of justice.

Extremely professional and very bright, with a great degree of expertise in the field of law enforcement, Chief Chambers is a class act. Highly respected by law enforcement authorities and colleagues around the country, she has set high standards for both herself and the law-enforcement agencies she has managed as police chief.

Chief Chambers has served as an exemplary role model for new recruits and has continued to inspire experienced police officers. As a college professor, she has taught her students best practices in the field, as well as ethical standards and leadership models.

Chief Chambers can always hold her head high and be proud of the achievements she garnered throughout her tenured career. Her inner strength, passion and commitment to public service, combined with her compassion and genuine desire to help others, have resonated with the lives she has touched and the communities she has impacted. Chief Chambers‘ legacy is unforgettable.

Adjunct professor
George Mason University

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