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This is the greatest achievement of the hope that is filtering through the Verizon Center these days – to seemingly deny the existence of Ernie Grunfeld.

To forget that this is the architect of those Gilbert Arenas squads that eventually led to a group of embarrassing, dysfunctional basketball teams that embarrassed the city is a testament to the power of hope.

To forget that this is the general manager who drafted Jan Vesely and passed over Kawhi Leonard in the 2011 NBA draft – or, for that matter, gave Andray Blatche, when the world could see he was a dysfunctional player who represented everything that was wrong about the Washington Wizards, a $35 million contract extension – is evidence that hope can trump despair.

To ignore a general manager whose record in Washington is 317-497 after the win over the Lakers and believe that better days are ahead for the Wizards is perhaps hope’s greatest achievement.

This Wizards team is entertaining and, if it stays healthy, thanks to a lousy NBA Eastern Conference, has a good chance to make the playoffs.

If that happens, Ernie Grunfeld, whose contract is reportedly up at the end of this season, will stay on to continue his work.

We can only hope, right?

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